Pour On The Coffee Knowledge

You may have guessed, we LOVE coffee! If you’re excited to learn about specialty beans, roasting and brewing, scroll down and sip on some coffee insight. 

We Love Sharing Our Passion for Coffee! 

Our bean journey started in a small California coffee shop in the late 1990s — we love learning about this amazing bean and the process it takes before pouring into your cup and making you smile.

Learn below about coffee beans, brewing, roasting and more.  In the coming months, we plan to host tastings and workshops at The Standard CLCL, so check back often. We’ll post upcoming coffee events on this page as well.

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The Beans

Your coffee is only as good as the beans from which it’s brewed, and that’s what sets The Standard CLCL apart from other coffee shops you may have visited. Here, you’ll sip on beverages brewed from premium beans grown in locations that vary from Ethiopia to Costa Rica. Since we only select beans of the highest quality, similar to a wine, you’ll be able to taste the difference between beans grown in different locations. Come discover your favorite bean varieties and farms from around the globe.

The Roast

In addition to the quality of bean used to make your coffee, the way in which the beans are roasted also affects the flavors you’ll enjoy in your cup.

Imagine if all we ever did with bread was toast it really dark, and called that dark toast flavor “bread flavor.” 

Then imagine if one day people started to lightly toast that bread, bringing out the subtle characteristics of rye, sourdough, pumpernickel, wheat, etc., and all of a sudden it mattered what type of bread it was, where it was grown, how it was processed, how it was toasted and how fresh it was.

Suddenly you didn’t need to add anything to your bread to make it palatable, you really enjoyed the flavors you were getting from the bread itself.

This is what’s taking place in the world of coffee now!

Brew Methods

Brew time will depend upon the type of coffee beverage you order. All of our coffees drinks can be brewed in any of the below methods. We’re also happy to help get you set up with the right equipment, so you can enjoy specialty brew methods in your own home. 

Additionally, from quality and temperature, to the amount of time it’s in contact with the coffee, water has a huge impact on your beverage. So, to make sure our coffee drinks are as pure and tasty as possible, we only use water that has been filtered through our top-of-the-line Eclipse purifier.

The Full Immersion Method

The Full Immersion brew method is where coffee grounds are fully immersed under water for a period of time and then poured out. This method gives a fuller body to the coffee but will lack the flavor clarity found in the filter method and will typically have some sediment (very fine coffee grounds) at the bottom of the cup. All the delicious flavor will be there but you’ll be less likely to pinpoint exactly what flavors you’re tasting. The most popular full immersion method would be the French press.

The Filter Method

The filter brew method is where coffee grounds (commonly referred to as a bed) sit in a filter and water is poured over (hence the name “pourover”) the bed. The now brewed coffee runs straight through the paper filter into the brewing device or your cup depending on the brewing device you use. This is the more popular method due to the flavor clarity that the paper filter offers. Filter method devices include the V60, chemex, kalita wave, beehouse and several others. Our preferred device is the V60 due to its consistency and ease of use.

The Hybrid Method

The hybrid method incorporates the full immersion method while filtering through a paper filter at the end of the brew time giving you some of the benefits of each. You get more flavor clarity than the full immersion alone and a fuller body than you would get from filter alone. These devices include the aeropress and clever dripper, to name a few.

 We refer to this as our slow bar because it takes time to brew an individual coffee just for you giving you a chance to try new coffees that are not brewed in our traditional batch brew. These methods are definitely not for people in a rush! Our standard method of brewing on the slow bar is the V60 with a 22 gram dose and a finish weight of 360 grams. This is an approximate ratio of 16:1 ending with right around 12 oz of coffee.